Mumbaikars! Are you up for a beach vacation this weekend? Because the best beaches in Alibaug are waiting to amaze you with their beauty and serenity. Weather it’s witnessing a scenic sunset at Kihim Beach, taking a romantic walk on Mandwa Beach, or trying interesting water sports at Nagaon Beach, there’s something for every type of vacationer here.

Alibaug Beach:

The Alibaug beach is the most popular beach amongst tourists. An ideal retreat for a laid-back holiday, this rocky, black sand beach lures the crowds with beautiful sunrises and sunsets and provides an ideal view of the historic Kolaba Fort. Alibaug Beach is a great place to spend quality time with your family and friends and the beach is near to the Hotel Guruji at Alibaug.

Nagaon Beach

Surrounded with coconut and betel-nut plantations, if you are planning to visit the best beaches in Alibaug then this beach ought to be on your list. Just a short drive from Alibaug, this beach has it all – clear and calm waters, super-clean shorelines despite the throng of tourists, water sporting activities, beach shacks offering tasty seafood with various snacks and much much more.

Kashid Beach

Located along the coast of the Arabian Sea, Kashid beach lies 30 km away from Alibaug and is one of the spectacular beaches offering idyllic and serene atmosphere with crystal-clear waters and silky expanse of golden sands. There are ample water sports activities that you can indulge in at this beach such as banana boat rides, parasailing, jet ski rides and more. Plus, some of the major tourist attractions near Kashid that you ought to visit include the Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary and the Murud Janjira Fort.

Akshi Beach

One of the best beaches near Alibaug, Akshi Beach is an ideal destination for those in need of serenity and scenic beauty on their weekend. Snuggled between Nagaon and Alibaug beach, this is surely among the best beaches in Alibaug, lined with plush green casuarina plantations and quaint homestays. One can spot seagulls here flying over the sea.

Kihim Beach

Interspersed with dense coconut trees and enveloped with a pollution free green atmosphere, the Kihim Beach is famous for a variety of reasons. The place boasts of extraordinary beauty and picturesque scenes and is the perfect place for nature lovers to come and relax in the lap of nature, and for photographers to click some fantastic shots.

Varsoli Beach

Located at a distance of approximately 3km from the main Alibaug Bus Depot, it is a popular tourist destination that is blessed with bountiful natural sights. The beach is dotted with a few rocky stretches which make it an ideal destination for water sports in Alibaug.

The rows of casuarina trees dotting the shore look like a picture out of a storybook. The beach is also famous for adventures such as Banana Boat Rides, Parasailing, water jets, etc. It is the perfect destination for all those looking to pepper up their travels with some adrenaline pumping activities.

Kasim Beach

About 30 km away from main Alibaug town, Kasim is a beach town on the gorgeous shores of the Arabian Sea. For those seeking solitude and solemn delight, Kasim Beach is the ideal pick. The prevailing tranquility makes it a perfect place to chill, unwind, and rejuvenate amidst nature.

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